What is a Target Market Determination?

A Target Market Determination (TMD) is a document that describes the type of customer who may suit one of our products, and the conditions and circumstances for how the product can be distributed. It also outlines when each TMD will need to be reviewed (generally every one to two years).

Why do we need TMDs?

We're required to have TMDs under the Treasury Laws Amendments (Design and Distribution Obligations and Product Interventions Powers) Act 2019. This framework ensures that we have a customer-centric approach to how we design, market and distribute our financial products. You should also consider our General Terms, your personal position, objectives, financial situation and needs before deciding if this product is right for you.

Current TMDs

The current TMDs for our products can be downloaded as PDFs using the below links. As TMDs are reviewed regularly, archived TMDs are made available for reference.